Your Pregnancy at Columbus Metropolitan

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of excitement, preparation, anticipation and at times can be quite overwhelming. Our goal is to provide information, support, and medical expertise to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

Congratulations On Your Pregnancy!

We are delighted that you have chosen Columbus Metropolitan OB-Gyn (Drs. Bokor, Birkenholz, Rajchel, and Megan Gouhin, CNP) to help you plan and prepare for the birth of your child. Our goal is to provide information, support, and medical expertise to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. Our staff welcomes any concerns that you may have, and we encourage you to call us with any questions that arise. 


For problems or questions, always call our office: (614) 759-6200. During office hours, our assistants will help answer your questions and provide our recommendations. After office hours, follow the prompts to reach the on call physician who can provide further assistance. As a reminder, if you think you may require a prescription to be called in, please try to call during office hours and have the contact information for your preferred pharmacy readily available. And of course, in an emergency, go to the closest hospital.

We value the relationships that we develop with our patients during this very exciting time. We strive to be a part of all aspects of your pregnancy and delivery and hope to maintain continuity as much as possible. As a group, we provide 24hr on call coverage for our practice. We are excited to be able to offer care at three local hospitals. Please remember that in the evenings and on the weekends, only one physician is on call and we strongly encourage you to always call the on-call physician prior to going to the hospital so that we can ensure we are providing quality, safe care to all of our patients.  


Prenatal care is a very valuable entity in optimizing your and your baby’s health. We encourage you to keep your regularly scheduled appointments. If you cannot make your appointment, please call and reschedule ahead of time. Your support person is welcome to join you for your prenatal visits and encouraged to play an active role in your labor and delivery experience.


Insurance plans and coverage can be very overwhelming and complicated. We will assist you through this process and can answer questions as they arise. There are many unpredictable variables for you and your family over the next few months, we do not want this to be a source of confusion, stress or surprise for you. From the beginning, we will inform you on what to expect financially over the next few months.

Additional Services

Outside of the prenatal care you will be receiving, we offer additional testing including ultrasound and non-stress tests in our office. Most normal pregnancies will have two ultrasounds, one very early to confirm your due date and another around 18-20 weeks to assess the baby’s growth and development. If you would like to know the gender of your baby, we will try to evaluate this at your ultrasound at 18-20 weeks. We do not have a lab in our office but are fortunate to have access to a lab in our building and others nearby. We have a professional relationship with these labs but remember they are a separate entity from our office and billing will be handled directly through them.

Like More Information?

Pregnancy Guide

Hospital Options

Our group offers care at:

Grant Medical Center (OhioHealth)
111 South Grant Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 566-9000

Pickerington Methodist Hospital (Ohio Health)
1010 Refugee Road
Pickerington, OH 43147

Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital
500 South Cleveland
Westerville, Ohio 43081
(614) 989-4000